Q Center Board of Directors

Q Center Board of Directors

Working in collaboration with staff and community committees, the board of directors oversees and assumes ultimate responsibility for the general management, strategic direction, and financial affairs of Q Center. Board meetings are held monthly, and each board member commits to two or more weekly hours of additional volunteer service. Contact members of the board at: leadership@pdxqcenter.org.

Apply to join the board of directors: Q Center is committed to developing and maintaining a socially diverse and representative leadership team. We encourage applications from community members who are directly impacted by Q Center’s programming and services, and who are dedicated to promoting intersectional justice, resiliency, and connection in Portland’s LGBTQ communities. Download the Board Application Packet here to learn more about volunteering for the Q Center board of directors.

Q Center financials: As part of our commitment to transparency and community accountability we make it easier to find Q Center’s financial information. You can find all of our available 990s (from 2013 to present) on GuideStar. Our most recent annual report can be found here: Q Center Annual Report.


Meet the Board of Directors

Manumalo “Malo” Ala’ilima (All Prounouns) came to Portland, Oregon three years ago from the San Francisco Bay area and is a Samoan American butch lesbian or “fa’afatama”/“fa’atama”/”fa’atamaloa”, Samoan for “in the manner of a male.” Aside from being a new board member for the Q Center, Malo has been involved with APANO for nearly two years and is currently serving on their Board Nominating and Development Committee. Malo also is a member of the Pacific Islander Coalition, which is a culturally specific advisory board for the Multnomah County Health Department. She recently founded and is the chair for U.T.O.P.I.A. PDX (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance Portland), which creates a safe space for the Pacific Islander LGBTPQIA+ community in the Portland and Vancouver areas in advocating for social justice, education, and overall wellness. Malo was educated at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California and majored in Political Science and Public Policy and Management and has worked for the American Red Cross for over a decade and has worked in various departments and geographic regions. Malo currently works for their West Division Quality Assurance team here in Portland. When Malo’s not busy trying to save the world, she enjoys spending time with her girlfriend, visiting family, singing karaoke, and being a foodie around town.


Darion (He/Him/His) comes to Q Center’s board of directors with a wealth of nonprofit, social justice, and communications expertise. Darion has served on the communications team of Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, and as the lead communications volunteer for Sankofa Collective Northwest (formerly PFLAG Portland Black Chapter), the nation’s first chapter of PFLAG dedicated specifically to the black community. Since moving to Portland, he has built community and fostered leadership development throughout Portland and the Northwest. Currently he serves as board co-chair for Sankofa Collective Northwest, hosts KBOO’s QTPOCTalk radio show, and is employed as a social media specialist for Meyer Memorial Trust.


Geeta is an actual user of Q Center’s services, programs, and facilities, and also a board member. She is a trans person of color, a visual artist, and an optimistic pragmatist. She’s held several leadership positions in the US military, where her skills in statistical analysis, quality assurance, project management, dispute resolution, and team building were highly valued assets. She is at Q Center to bring an unjaded perspective to discussions of inclusion, equity, rational or irrational optimism, and numerous opportunities for collaboration.


Athen (He/Him/His) has been a community organizer and process facilitator since 1998, when he began volunteering with the San Francisco Tenants Union. Since then, he’s helped organize and facilitate international queer festivals, underground film screenings, pumpkin pie bakeoffs, and more than a few uncomfortably transformative community processes. A technical editor with 20 years’ experience in computer trade publishing, he studied Community Development at Portland State University, and completed his B.A. in 2013. Athen has been a volunteer mediator and peer coach with the Resolutions Northwest Neighborhood Mediation program since 2009. He co-facilitates Tranz Guys PDX, organizes with Greater Portland Trans Unity, and has been a member of the Q Center board of directors since January 2015. Currently, he serves as chair of the board.


Kat describes herself as femme, woman, cis, parent, white, and Queer. Among other things, she’s been a program coordinator at a Pride and Women’s Resource Center in California and a board member with a free clinic in Connecticut. She graduated from Yale School of Nursing in 2016 as a nurse practitioner (NP) specializing in reproductive, sexual, and transgender health care. She then worked as an NP at an LGBTQI-inclusive reproductive clinic, and now works in oncology. Kat believes in the strength of community, whose power is collectively increased when people with privilege listen deeply, affirm and support those from oppressed identities, and educate their privileged peers about white/cis/masculine/class/ability/age privilege. Her pastimes include annoying loved ones by loudly pointing out oppressive messaging in TV and movies, research, staring at her handsome partner, politics, and being irritated when her son sets traps for her in Minecraft. Kat is Q Center’s board secretary. 



Anthea (She/Her/Hers) was born and raised in Humboldt County, behind the redwood curtain of Northern California. After a decade of visits to Portland, she moved north in 2015.

Anthea holds a degree in accounting and has worked in banking since 2004, where she manages a loan servicing team and supports lending system projects. To assist in better LGBTQ+ representation and put pressure on inclusiveness in the corporate environment, she joined her company’s newly formed LGBTQ+ associate resource group leadership team. One of her goals is to ensure trans-inclusive policies and healthcare within the company.

Involvement in queer organizations holds great importance to Anthea. She spent 10 years as the board treasurer and many of those years coordinating the annual festival of her hometown pride organization. She is excited to engage with a diverse community, staff and board of directors to support the work of the Q Center. Anthea identifies as a lesbian/queer woman and is polyamorous. Anthea is Q Center’s board treasurer.


Maxime (He/Him/His) comes to the Q Center board of directors with over six years of nonprofit management and LGBTQ rights experience. He currently works for SEIU Local 503 as a union organizer and is committed to motivating and advocating on behalf of hardworking American families. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked on both Washington and Oregon’s marriage equality campaigns, and in 2014 he also worked on behalf of Basic Rights Oregon’s Pro Equality PAC. In 2016 he worked for Clackamas County candidates Mark Meek and Janelle Bynum, both of whom won their respective seats in the Oregon House of Representatives. Maxime is committed to issues centered around poverty, racial inequality, and improving access to higher education for low-income and first-generation college students.