In July, Home Forward will be opening a waiting list for public housing apartments at Stephens Creek Crossing in Southwest Portland.

Under construction now, our latest HOPE VI redevelopment is on track to open in January 2014.  In addition to brand new homes, residents will be joining a community of opportunity and have access to a variety of programs that help them move forward in their lives.

The application period runs from Tuesday, July 9 through Saturday, July 13. Applications will be taken applications online, as we did for our Section 8 waiting list opening last November.  Of note:

1)    After being ranked by preference, the applications will be placed in random order, so folks may apply at any time the waiting list is open.  The date and time they apply will not affect their order on the list.

2)    Staff at agencies can fill out the online application on behalf of clients, as they may have done when we had a paper application process.

Attached is a Stephens Creek Crossing Flyer.  You can find more information, including a sample application, on our website.

Questions, please feel free to contact Elyse Alexander at or  503.280.3830 .

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In additon to being a regular QBlog contributor, Barbara brings more than 25 years of executive nonprofit management experience to Q Center’s program as Executive Director. She was the executive director of the LGBTQ Community Center in San Jose, California, was a founding member of the LGBTQ Center in Phoenix, Arizona and also founded the Lesbian Resource Project in Tempe, Arizona. Barbara served as President of the Silicon Valley Association of United Way Agencies and representing more than 1,400 organizations during her time there. Recently, Barbara served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Centers (CenterLink). Additionally, she served as executive director of an international LGBT choral arts organization. On the political front, Barbara led Arizona’s statewide LGBT advocacy organization and was the first open Lesbian to run for public office in Arizona.

2 Responses to Affordable Housing At Stephens Creek Crossing in Southwest Portland Soon Accepting Applications
  1. Hi I applied on line during the open period and was at coffee creek at time my address has changed. I live at:
    8 nw 8th ave #308 portland or. 97209
    my mom applied at same time and received a letter back pf her # on wait list, I have not. I’m up dating my address info to receive mine. Thank you
    Nicole Hudson


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