Healthcare. Community. Two words with really big meaning. We all have to deal with healthcare, whether it’s preventative care, long-term illnesses, the occasional cold or allergy flare up, mental health needs, and the list goes on. For many people in our communities, the healthcare needed for these things has been out of reach because care is.. read more →

May 1st isn’t just the start of a new month and the heart of spring – it’s also May Day, a day when we join in support for immigration reform that creates pathways to citizenship, the rights of workers and ending wage theft, healthcare for all children, equality for ALL, and here in Oregon, support.. read more →

In case you haven’t seen the news, trans* students and their advocates in California saw a huge victory Monday afternoon. Last year, the California legislature and advocates for inclusive facilities passed AB 1266, which granted that all students in public K-12 schools can use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity, regardless.. read more →

by Neola Young. Visibility. I think about this word and concept often when I’m watching television or a movie where a queer and/or trans* person is introduced (e.g. Laverne Cox, who is a trans woman of color portraying Sophia Burset, a Black trans woman, on Orange is the New Black) or in news media when.. read more →