Katie’s Story

December 1, 2016

When I think about Q Center I think about space. About how even just its existence holds space for so many of us who might not have another place where we can feel like ourselves. About how as a space, it creates opportunities for visibility, for connection, and for safety. About how unique it is.. read more →

Teresa’s Story

December 1, 2016

When I arrived at Q Center, I was working as deputy director for Queer Intersections, a nonprofit centering queer and trans youth of color in the broader LGBTQ movement. I was drawn to Stacey and Justin’s grace and mentorship, and their offer of another place to call home. Through them, I was able to test.. read more →

Ron’s Story

December 1, 2016

My first visit to Q Center occurred June 2010 at a forum to discuss a series of bias crimes and what should be done. I wanted to be a part of the discussion and help create a community solution. Those forums led to Q Patrol which I volunteered for the almost four years it existed… read more →

It’s time to SHINE! We would be so honored if you were to join us. This year’s brunch has a fun new twist, a pre and post party. Time beforehand to get caught up and enjoy mimosas (thanks Barefoot Wines!) and time afterwards to dance it uuuup! Our program is super sweet this year with.. read more →