08 Dec 2016
December 8, 2016

Candi’s Story

December 8, 2016

I walked into the Q Center one day to volunteer and get more work experience. Over the months I have gained that, and so much more. The act of giving is completely rewarding and it is invaluable to feel like you are part of building a solution.

With a million things on their plate, the Q Center still manages to provide valuable services day after day, as well as continue on a path of growth.

As a volunteer receptionist I get to directly be involved in helping people, and my time at Q is one of the most enjoyable parts of my week. Each day that I am here I get to meet the vibrant and resilient people that walk through our doors. Each day I am able to hear stories of true acts of selflessness, kindness, and love in the LGBTQ community.

Q Center is a hub for people to come together, and to find a network of support and services. Since volunteering there I have gained so much more knowledge of the LGBTQ community and their needs.

Every week the hardworking staff and volunteers fight to support the vastly under-served community. Every week we learn something new. But the true miracle is that our differences bring us together, our hardships make us feel more connected, and through all the muck in the world it is clear that at Q Center, our uniqueness is honored and celebrated. We can only hope that more people are inspired by the compassion and generosity of Q Center and more people find our services. Which in turn will lead to better support groups and events along with an even stronger community you can lean on.

Want to get more connected to the Q Center family? Join us in any of these three ways.

1) Donate.

Your financial support will set us up for a strong start in 2017. Monthly donors become member of our Q Team, and gifts of any size help to make a huge difference.

2) Volunteer.

Our volunteers make Q Center the vital hub that is critical to so many. They keep things running smoothly and help us provide a diverse range of programming for our communities.

3) Share Your Story.

Each of us has reasons why we’re invested in Q Center with our time or our money Stories that need to be shared with others, that connect us to each other and to something bigger as a community.