Last week, the CDC released the annual review of data from the National Health Interview Survey, acknowledging that this is the first round of LGB data collection for this survey, and highlighting the LGB smoking disparity. The article about the findings, Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults – United States, 2005-2013 reports 26.6% of LGB adults.. read more →

Join us as OHEA (Oregon Health Equity Alliance) introduces our 2015 Legislative Platform to improve the lives of communities across Oregon. Join with Q Center and other network leaders from OHEA’s 33 member organizations, legislative champions and ally partners. Enjoy refreshments and a special performance by the Augustana Jazz Choir. We made significant progress in.. read more →

Q Center is proud to be a partner in this effort to better inform and empower the LGBTQ community of our rights when it comes to seeking healthcare and managing the decision making process. LGBT HealthLink, Missouri’s PROMO, and lawyer Corey Prachniak, today released the first ever LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights (HBOR). The bill, in.. read more →

Healthcare. Community. Two words with really big meaning. We all have to deal with healthcare, whether it’s preventative care, long-term illnesses, the occasional cold or allergy flare up, mental health needs, and the list goes on. For many people in our communities, the healthcare needed for these things has been out of reach because care is.. read more →