Frankie came to Q Center’s SMYRC program overflowing with energy and enthusiasm.  He had been involved in a queer youth program as a young person, and he was eager to bring his experience and passion to his role as a volunteer.  During the past year, Frankie has worn almost every volunteer hat we have at SMYRC, and.. read more →

Anyone who has been involved with Q Center at any point since 2005 has experienced Paul Fukui in some capacity. Having worked at the Los Angeles Lesbian & Gay Center for years during the AIDS crisis, upon moving to Portland Paul decided to show up and offer himself and his skill sets to the community-led efforts which.. read more →

When people learn that I’m a sex therapist, almost all of them respond with comments like, “I should probably come see you.” And then, almost always, they ask me a question. Last night, for example, I was at the Human Rights Campaign Gala, and a photographer I’d met five minutes before asked me: “How often.. read more →

In this third and final post of three, I’m going to follow this up with the question, do laser at-home systems really work as well as the professional ones? Like electrolysis, people are trying to invent portable versions of the real thing, claiming that it’s light-weight flexibility will allow you to treat all areas without.. read more →