(Editors Note:  This post was originally published by Queer Voices writer Michael Wagner for the HRC blog) On Thursday, July 10, a group of LGBT and faith-based organizations based in Portland, Oregon, presented a screening of the documentaryCall Me Kuchu, a critical presentation of the situation on the ground in Uganda in the year preceding the.. read more →

This just in from The White House: Our hopes for a more peaceful and just world depend on respect for the rights and dignity of all people. It is for this reason that our foreign policy champions human rights and opposes violence and discrimination that targets people because of who they are and whom they.. read more →

An 18 year veteran at the “swoosh”, Robert works as part of NIKE’s Retail Brand Presentation team as Product Presentation Director supporting the Emerging Markets Geography. Robert also serves as chair of NIKE’s LGBT & Friends Network. As chair of the employee network Robert works to educate, inspire and change the game for LGBT athletes.. read more →

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court denied the National Organization for Marriage’s attempt to stop same-sex couples from marrying in Oregon. NOM has appealed the trial judge’s decision not to let the group, which is opposed to same-sex couples’ marriage rights, to intervene in the lawsuit challenging Oregon’s ban on such marriages. The 9th Circuit, which.. read more →

In 1992, Catherine Stauffer got on the mailing list of the Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) in order to investigate their anti-gay ballot measures. One day, she received an invitation to attend a viewing of a film the OCA had made to convince voters they should fear a “homosexual agenda”. The OCA’s communications director Scott Lively.. read more →

With each victory we gain more clarity about the work still waiting. Today’s marriage equality victory in Oregon has been hard fought and a long journey. The work of many people brought us to this day…too many to name – some of whom are no longer with us and will never celebrate this accomplishment. We.. read more →