With her new project, funded by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, Jo Hamilton begins to chronicle in yarn the people, residents, volunteers, staff of Our House of Portland, a residential AIDS care facility in SE where she has been a volunteer for the last ten years. The first portrait is Dr… read more →

I am grateful. My family is a mountain of support and love. I have an intelligent, independent, caring, and strong-minded mother. My father is soft-hearted, calm, and very thoughtful. They raised three children that are the most interesting combinations of all those characteristics. I am sensitive, creative, a bit rambunctious, the bleeding heart, witty, and.. read more →

Usually when the Supreme Court decides not to hear a case, it means that important national questions go completely unanswered, but not so yesterday. When the Supreme Court opted not to rule on appeals from five states seeking prohibitions against same-sex marriage, their actions made such unions legal in those five states. Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah,.. read more →

From an early age, I was fixated on clothing. I was often found slipping away from family gatherings to change into my third or fourth ensemble of the day, usually some pairing of turtle neck and leggings, thanks to the fashions of the 90’s, but sometimes also my Little Mermaid swimsuit or blue gingham dress.. read more →