Greetings SMYRC Friends! I am writing to share our July calendar.  I want to highlight a couple of special events this month!  Please share this information with any and all who are interested! On July 11th and 25th, we are privileged to have a guest teacher from the Shambhala Meditation Center joining us to lead a Meditation Workshop for youth… read more →

We have been incredibly lucky to count on Chris Reed as a weekly drop-in volunteer for almost two years and a SMYRC supporter for much longer!  Chris brings humor, dedication, and an immense amount of care to our space, and in his words, “sets a positive example for the straight community” of how to genuinely show up as an ally. Read.. read more →

We are lucky to have the most wonderful volunteers at Q Center. They bring such passion and love for the LGBTQ community to their volunteer positions. It’s with their help that we are able to offer such a diverse range of relevant programming and to also keep things running smoothly 7 days a week. We.. read more →

Just when you thought the Ace Hotel couldn’t get any cooler, they go and partner with JD Samson (MEN, Le Tigre) on the most fantastic Pride month fundraiser for Q Center EVER!!! JD has designed a poster and t-shirt and all of the proceeds are being donated to the programs and services of Q Center.  This means.. read more →

Surely you were as just as excited as all of us at Q Center on May 19th to finally have a victory in the campaign for marriage equality.  It has been a hard-fought journey to get to where we are today, and I encourage you to take a few more moments to savor this triumph.  But then you.. read more →

Happy Pride Month!  This month is a busy one at SMYRC!  Please check out our calendar and share it widely.  Below the calendar are a few highlights. We are having a BBQ this Saturday to say goodbye to a couple of our long time regulars who are aging out of SMYRC and to celebrate some recent milestones.. read more →