I came to Portland because it just wasn’t safe for me to be queer in the rural Oregon town I grew up in. My Dad actually bought me the bus ticket to get here, because he saw how depressed and terrified I was. Now I’m trying to find a place to live in Portland, and.. read more →

When I was 20 my queer youth group in Phoenix decided to have an art show at a local coffee shop. At the time I was a spoken word artist. One of the volunteers had suggested that I should be in the show. I was in full support of the show and I was happy.. read more →

If you’re like most of us, then you’re probably always a bit surprised when the “back to school” supplies show up in stores in late July.  In reality, though, lots of young people will be headed back to school very soon.  Were you one of the kids who looked forward to returning to school –.. read more →