Q Center vows to take action to dismantle the systems of oppression that lead to continued violence and trauma against our communities. We are working with local and national coalitions to devise next steps and we ask you to pledge to join us: tinyurl.com/pdxTAKEaction LGBTQ Latinx Groups and Allies Reaffirm Their Resolve to End Violence.. read more →

“Congratulations to our two wonderful Beneficiaries: Bradley Angle and Q Center! We are so proud to present both organizations with $10,000 each! Cheers to a wonderfully successful party and we can’t wait to see you next year!!” -RDP Board We are eternally grateful to all the volunteers, sponsors, and volunteer board members of Red Dress.. read more →

As the gravity and grief of this past weekend’s hate crime sinks in, let us look to each other for solace and let us channel our grief, our sorrow, our rage and anger, into action so that we may reclaim hope, and honor our lost friends and family. Now is a time to come together,.. read more →

For Immediate Release: Sunday, June 12, 2016 Contact: Justin Pabalate Email: justin@pdxqcenter.org Q Center Response on Orlando Massacre Our broken hearts are with the families, friends, survivors, and witnesses devastated by last night’s shooting in Orlando at the LGBTQI+ nightclub Pulse, during their Latinx night. This violence has ended 50 beautiful lives with over 50.. read more →