Hi *eRa* friends and QBlog readers,

A week into PRIDE month and I am joyfully celebrating the start of Portland PRIDE and our 9th month of *eRa* at Q Center. Our senior Prom “Be the Star you Are” on June 1st was a great success with a fantastic music selection, groovy dancing, nutritious food and much conversation. A great and beautiful crowd of folk showed up and much fun was had by all. Grateful to all the volunteers who helped out both from Q Center and from the Kaiser Volunteer group, and grateful for the financial donations made by several generous community members in support of the event.  Also thankful to our sponsors Wholefoods on NE Fremont, New Seasons on Interstate, Fred Meyer on Interstate and the marvelous Mississippi Pizza just down the road on N. Mississippi. We are so lucky to have community, friends and allies who feed, support, decorate and celebrate the work we are doing at Q Center and with our *eRa* program.  Thank you!

Other news from *eRa* is the start of a Write Around Portland workshop on Thursday June 13th 6-8pm. We have been very lucky to get full sponsorship for this 8 week writing workshop , running through Thursday August 8th (with July 4th skipped). Write Around Portland has been facilitating its creative and unique writing workshops since 1999 and has published 40 anthologies of the work created by participants. It will be a great pleasure to be part of the workshop – we are looking forward to what emerges from our inspiring and extremely well storied community.

We have just found out that our *eRa* program at Q Center’s Thursday Chair Yoga sessions will be continuing through mid – August. This gentle yoga class taught by Tim Mulcahey each Thursday morning 10-11am began in mid-May. It has been very popular and consistently well attended giving participants a heart-full and body focused start to the morning. Tim is a magical and inspired teacher and I am very touched and super pleased that he will continue with his classes these coming weeks.

Thursday lunches 12-1.30pm continue to be a terrific opportunity to hang out together over a meal and a good conversation. The eclectic constellations of folk who come for lunch never fail to create amazing and rich discourse together, covering varied and diverse topics, experiences, announcements and educational discussions. I have learned so much from our gatherings and enjoy each Thursday’s opportunity to be together for this meal. Please let me know if you plan to attend so that I can order food accordingly. So far we have not run out of meals but there’s always the chance it might happen!

*eRa*’s Generations Read! book club is now into its 6th month of meeting. Together we have read Baldwin’s “Giovanni’s Room,” Bechdel’s “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.,” Genet’s “Our Lady of the Flowers,” Winterson’s “Oranges are Not the Only Fruit” and Scholinski’s “The Last Time I Wore a Dress.” This month, our final month for the series, we are diving into Maupin’s “Tales of the City” – a flashback to 1970’s San Francisco and the goings on, on Barbary Lane.  The group meets June 27th, 1.30-3pm.

And finally –for this blog at least- the *eRa* Conversations on Aging will have its 3rd monthly meeting on Monday June 17th, 1-2.30pm; an opportunity for us to get together and mull over issues of aging, our world and being in community together. Bring your Aging issue and we will go from there.

Apologies again to folk who are working in the day time and would want to attend events that *eRa* organizes. As the program continues and grows we hope to have more events that are early evening and weekend based. Please check Q Center’s calendar for other events at those times, you never know, there might be something going on at Q that inspires you to attend.

~ Susan Kocen, *eRa* at Q Center, Senior Services Co-ordinator.