26 Aug 2014
August 26, 2014

Get Involved: NW AIDS Quilt

August 26, 2014


From our friends at Cascade AIDS Project:

A quilt symbolizes warmth, community, artistic expression, and the binding together of many disparate pieces into a harmonious whole. For these reasons, the national NAMES Project initiated its AIDS Memorial Quilt in 1987. Today, as the first generation of survivors becomes elders and the virus continues to infect nearly 300 Oregonians annually, Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) in partnership with other AIDS Service Organizations seek to do the same with the NW AIDS Quilt.

CAP’s vision for the NW AIDS Quilt is that the community affected by this epidemic will contribute their experiences in the form of personally crafted 9×9 inch fabric squares (including a half inch margin, for 8×8 inches of presentation area). The squares might memorialize those lost to the epidemic, honor survivors, present a vision for the future, or commemorate advocacy. Our goal is to assemble one quilt by December 1, 2014—World AIDS Day—to display at Portland’s Central Library. However, the project will continue throughout the coming years.

Would you like to participate? We are now accepting completed squares, quilting materials, and financial support at CAP (208 SW 5th Ave Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204, Monday-Friday 9-5pm) and at Pivot (209 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, Wednesday-Saturday 2-7pm). To be considered for the first quilt display on World AIDS Day, submit completed squares and Submission form by October 1, 2014. For more information, please contact CAPHistory@cascadeaids.org.

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