08 Dec 2016
December 8, 2016

Glenn’s Story

December 8, 2016

My first visit to Q Center in 2006, then located on SE Water Ave, made such a strong impression on me. Poison Waters was hosting her infamous Drag Queen Bingo, and the spirit of the organization was instantly palpable; inclusive, friendly, fun, and relevant. I was hooked and filled out a volunteer form that night.

That volunteer gig would quickly turn into a job. I take great pride in being the first employee after the executive director was hired. It was wonderful to meet so many people from such diverse backgrounds. Whether that was men in their late 70s taking their brave steps to ‘come out,’ parents of gender-variant youth seeking vital resources, or just folks looking for a fun place to meet a date, Q Center helped me realize how diverse and interconnected our community is.

Over the course of my 10 years in Portland, Q Center has been a nexus: memorial services, weddings, countless board meetings, dance parties, sing-alongs, financial-planning seminars, adoption workshops, activist meetings, concerts, resource fairs, art showings…on and on. When I stop to think about it, there are few aspects of my life that haven’t been positively impacted by Q Center.

Whereas I can never truly understand the life-experiences of another person, I most definitely can continue to work on being a better cisgender White guy and use my privileges to the benefit of all my queer sisters and brothers. The ongoing dedication of Q Center to celebrate and uphold the full swathe of Oregon’s LGBTQ community has always been the foundation of my support for the organization.

My hope for Q Center, and our community, is that more people get involved to continue the strength and leadership at Q Center so that it can always serve as a place of joy and love for everyone who passes through its doors.

Want to get more connected to the Q Center family? Join us in any of these three ways.

1) Donate.

Your financial support will set us up for a strong start in 2017. Monthly donors become member of our Q Team, and gifts of any size help to make a huge difference.

2) Volunteer.

Our volunteers make Q Center the vital hub that is critical to so many. They keep things running smoothly and help us provide a diverse range of programming for our communities.

3) Share Your Story.

Each of us has reasons why we’re invested in Q Center with our time or our money Stories that need to be shared with others, that connect us to each other and to something bigger as a community.