11 Nov 2017
November 11, 2017

Help Us Find Q Center’s Next Executive Director!

November 11, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the search for Q Center’s next executive leader has begun!

We envision a dynamic leader who will work closely with our experienced and passionate staff, community and city leaders, sister organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure that Q Center continues to thrive as a community center bringing together LGBTQ2SIA+ people of all ages, races, genders, and abilities.

Please view and share the complete job announcement here.

From the announcement posted today:

In serving as Q Center’s chief advocate, strategist and visionary, our next Executive Director will be a leading figure for and with LGBTQ2SIA+ communities in Portland and Southwest Washington. As the chief executive of the Pacific Northwest’s largest LGBTQ2SIA+ community center, the Executive Director plays a central role in creating a community gathering space where connections thrive and advance the members of our community. Working closely with our experienced and passionate staff, with community and city leaders, sister organizations and other stakeholders, the Executive Director advances Q Center’s mission and values by being responsive to the experience and diverse needs of LGBTQ2SIA+ community members.

This leader will have an exceptional understanding of how Q Center’s programming and services directly serve and affect historically underserved LGBTQ2SIA+ people. This leader will hold a special passion for nurturing the Center in a manner which enables connections to thrive. This leader will work to further cultivate the Center into a space where LGBTQ2SIA+ community members of all ages, racial/ethnic identity, genders, and abilities are supported, empowered, and offered meaningful opportunities for growth, leadership, and social advancement.

Three ways to help (Calling all unicorns)

  1. Please help us spread this announcement far and wide! If you know a unicorn who might be our next executive leader, please send them our way–and if you are that unicorn, we can’t wait to hear from you! Please view and share the job announcement here.
  2. We’ve also just published our brief community survey seeking community feedback about the qualities most vital for Q Center’s next executive leader. We really hope you will take a moment to share your priorities.
  3. Included in the community survey is an option to apply to join the hiring committee. We are accepting applications from community members from now through November 27.

About the hiring committee and process

The hiring committee for Q Center’s next executive director will consist of three board members and three community members currently not serving on the board of directors. We are looking for three people who have varying history and experiences with Q Center and are deeply committed to the future of Portland’s LGBTQ2IA+ community center. This committee will be actively engaged in reviewing applications and interviewing candidates from December 4, 2017 through no later than January 30, 2018.

With respect and gratitude,
Q Center Board of Directors and Hiring Committee members,

Manumalo “Malo” Ala’ilima
Kat Pinkerton
Anthea Proulx