One Response to Queer Voices – Monsoon Season: An Interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Contestant (and Former SMYRC Youth) Jinkx Monsoon
  1. […] “Through going to SMYRC I realized just how lucky I was. So many of my SMYRC friends didn’t have the same kind of home life. Many of them had either become estranged from their families after coming out, or weren’t allowed to talk about who they truly were around their family. But through SMYRC they built a new, chosen family. They had a place where they were loved and appreciated and celebrated for their individuality. That’s why I believe in SMYRC. That’s why I got so involved when I was a youth there – to help provide a supportive loving environment for those who didn’t have that at their own homes”, – Jinkx Monsoon former SMYRC youth  […]


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