Northwest Gender Alliance

The NWGA was formed in the spring of 1980, by a small group of transgendered people who longed for a safe environment to learn about themselves. Even in the open-minded community of Portland, Oregon, transgender people lived with a significant degree of caution and concern, due to the lack of public understanding towards the community.

Today, thanks in part to NWGA and many of its members, the public has had an opportunity to learn what the transgender umbrella is and is not. There is still confusion and non-acceptance on the part of many, so NWGA endeavors to educate people. Monthly open meetings provide opportunities for members and prospective members to meet and socialize with other transgendered individuals in a protective and supportive environment. A portion of each meeting is set aside for a demonstration, discussion or workshop on a topic such as clothing, cosmetics, feminine deportment or legal issues related to gender expression.

For more information, contact: 503 533-8787 or visit

*Meets Monthly on the 2nd Saturday, 2:00 pm