Why i.Q.

Why i.Q. is a celebration of community–of all the individuals who have found Q Center, and all the ways that community comes together at Q. With this project we want to help our community see itself, and to show all of the ways that Q Center brings us together and helps us thrive. We invite you to learn more about Q Center, the people here, and the work we do together–one story at a time. read more →

  09/22/2015 Greetings! We are gearing up for the Out on the sQuare Block Party: Presented by Q Center and we hope to see you there! This year’s event not only showcases over 35 Portland LGBTQ organizations, businesses and allies but is designed to encourage connections between community members. Our stronger focus on food, beverages.. read more →

09/02/2015 Greetings! August was an incredibly challenging month AND thanks to the love and support of countless volunteers, board members, neighbors, staff, past staff, organizational partners, community agencies, and so many community members, we made it through and have emerged a stronger team. We believe that in facing this challenge head on and with humility.. read more →

  8/26/2015 Dear Q Center Community, Come walk with us to end AIDS. Register for AIDS Walk today! Register Collaboration is absolutely key to our movements and the health of our communities and Q Center is proud to help get the word out for this year’s AIDS Walk Portland. Every year thousands gather in downtown.. read more →