Why i.Q.

Why i.Q. is a celebration of community–of all the individuals who have found Q Center, and all the ways that community comes together at Q. With this project we want to help our community see itself, and to show all of the ways that Q Center brings us together and helps us thrive. We invite you to learn more about Q Center, the people here, and the work we do together–one story at a time. read more →

  Q CENTER: AN UPDATE TO OUR COMMUNITY August 11, 2015 For more information, please contact: Justin Pabalate, Executive Co-Director, Development and Community Relations 4115 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97217 C: (707) 845-7080   |   W: (503) 234-7837 ext 100 A teenager attending a private family celebration at Q Center on August 7 was injured.. read more →

  Click here to reserve an exhibitor booth   Join the Q Center and dozens of LGBTQ & allied community organizations and businesses at Out on the sQuare 2015! This year’s event is taking place on Sunday, September 27th at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland from Noon to 5pm! Founded in 2009 as ‘Gay.. read more →

July 1, 2015   Our Pledge to the Community:   Due to many community members coming forward to assume leadership roles, Q Center has stabilized financially and structurally. Last week, the new board chair of Q Center introduced us and announced our new organizational model.   We would like to take this moment to highlight.. read more →