Why i.Q.

Why i.Q. is a celebration of community–of all the individuals who have found Q Center, and all the ways that community comes together at Q. With this project we want to help our community see itself, and to show all of the ways that Q Center brings us together and helps us thrive. We invite you to learn more about Q Center, the people here, and the work we do together–one story at a time. read more →

A Morning with the Drug Czar and an Exciting Finale for the Sexual Health Series A Grateful Advocate A few weeks ago, I posed for a photo as I was leaving the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, on my way to meet with leaders at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service.. read more →

PublicHealth.org recently published a summary of the fight against HIV/AIDS, highlighting where we currently stand with this global public health issue and wanted us to share their video and work with our Portland community. http://www.publichealth.org/public-awareness/hiv-aids/   Contact: Brandon Olson Outreach Coordinator PublicHealth.org read more →

Q Center’s single largest donor never liked attention. That’s why this Oregon native who assembled one of the finest contemporary art collections in the state never flaunted that fact or talked about it much. That’s why he didn’t seek credit when he generously supported his favorite charitable causes and institutions including Q Center. People may.. read more →