Why i.Q.

Why i.Q. is a celebration of community–of all the individuals who have found Q Center, and all the ways that community comes together at Q. With this project we want to help our community see itself, and to show all of the ways that Q Center brings us together and helps us thrive. We invite you to learn more about Q Center, the people here, and the work we do together–one story at a time. read more →

It’s time to SHINE!  We would be so honored if you were to join us. This year’s brunch has a fun new twist, a pre and post party.  Time beforehand to get caught up and enjoy mimosas (thanks Barefoot Wines!) and time afterwards to dance it uuuup!  Our program is super sweet this year with.. read more →

We are excited to announce our Q Center family is growing! As we have moved through the last year of repair and rebuilding, we have learned so much about what our community needs and wants. We are grateful for the tremendous effort so many of you have put into helping us get to a place.. read more →

It’s with excitement, gratitude and humility that we announce we will be on-boarding two new half-time staff members sometime later this month. We are excited to be in a strong position financially and organizationally and ready to expand our programs to meet the increasing demand. We feel humbled by you and the tremendous effort so.. read more →