Narrative Groups

Stories have always contributed to our well-being, they help us make sense of complex life events and give form and structure to our personal experiences and identity. We carry our own and our predecessor’s stories as memories that shape who we are and paths we may or may not take in our lives.

Finding, recovering, writing, and telling our stories give opportunity to reminisce, review and even re-story our lives, creating meaning and strengths we might not have known without the details and deeper examination of our narratives. Our stories reveal surprises and insights, wisdoms and areas of growth.

In this series of six meetings at Q Center, we will journey our stories through the decades of our lives. As elder LGBT our lives have been shaped by barriers and inequalities, stigmas and prejudice. We are the first generation to age with HIV/AIDS. We are also a community that has thrived with the support of one another. Depending on our age we will divide our lives into six segments, decades more or less, and ponder, write, draw, compose, create and share stories of our lives.

In each session there will be a creative component, most likely written, though this can also be a drawn story, a song, a poem, a piece of art depending on the individual. Some supplies will be provided but if participants have a particular art or craft or musical medium they prefer to work in, or a laptop, please bring with you what you might need.

The series is facilitated by Susan Kocen, MA. Dipl PW; Coordinator of the *eRa* program for those LGBT folk who have lived some time longer than others. Q Center’s *eRa* program offers six week Narrative Groups on Monday mornings.

The group is limited to a maximum of 10 participants* aged 50+, to give time to share.
The group will be a closed group after the first session for confidentiality and consistency.
Please contact if you are interested. 503-234-7837.
Suggested donation to Q Center $8 per session – Sliding scale available and no one turned away for lack of funds.