Q Center Program CardQ Center’s Board of Directors announced this week, Barbara McCullough-Jones is resigning her position effective December 30th. Q Center’s Board is in the process of considering the future of Q Center and the programs it provides to community.

As a result, we have invited members of Basic Rights Oregon’s Board of Directors to join Q Center Board members to convene a community-based committee in a conversation to determine the future of the Q Center as an organization and the programs and services we provide.

Basic Rights was invited into the process after Q Center leadership and McCullough-Jones approached Executive Director Jeana Frazzini to consider a merger. Frazzini took the question to her Board of Directors, which declined to consider the request at this time and instead offered to convene a community-driven conversation to hear what the community needs and wants related to Q Center and what role Basic Rights Oregon and other organizations might play.

Q Center is an important community resource, particularly for youth. Hundreds of people have invested their heart and souls to create a community space—it needs to be safe and welcoming to all LGBTQ community members who use the center. We are committed to creating an open and transparent process.

Basic Rights Oregon Board members participating are: Cyreena Boston Ashby, John Halseth, CM Hall and Jackie Yerby. Q Center Board Members Aaron Hall (a Q Center Founder), Andre Pruitt and Ron Polluconi are also engaged in the process.

Aaron Hall, Chair, Q Center Board of Directors