25 Jun 2016
June 25, 2016

Q Center Response on Orlando Massacre

June 25, 2016
For Immediate Release: Sunday, June 12, 2016
Contact: Justin Pabalate
Q Center Response on Orlando Massacre
Our broken hearts are with the families, friends, survivors, and witnesses devastated by last night’s shooting in Orlando at the LGBTQI+ nightclub Pulse, during their Latinx night. This violence has ended 50 beautiful lives with over 50 more wounded, and is reportedly the most deadly mass murder in US history, since the Wounded Knee Massacre. We come together with communities across the nation and world who unite against random acts of violence fueled by hate and bigotry, and we call on our community to rise against the inevitable tide of Islamophobia, blaming and hatred.
We are a community which continues to be deeply affected by fear. Fear of targeted violence, fear of systemic violence, fear of discrimination. Our young LGBTQI+ people are often bullied, our elders isolated, our injured and ill afraid to seek medical care. We live in a country riddled by discriminatory laws and policies intended to destroy the fragile safety and rights of LGBTQI+ people individually and nationwide.
We deserve a life of freedom and joy and we will not be broken by violence.
Our chosen family who have found each other gather in living rooms, schools, bars, community centers like ours, and nightclubs like Pulse. We at Q Center will continue to provide sanctuary for our community to organize, bond, and craft a future free from bigotry. We invite you to join us tonight as we hold vigil together at7:00 PM on NW Couch and Broadway and this Thursday, June 16th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Q Center co-hosted by Pride Northwest and Q Center.
LGBTQI community members are invited by a cohort of LGBTQI identified and/or friendly local therapists, to drop by Q Center any time between 7 and 9 pmMonday, June 13, to join in a facilitated group support process or talk with a therapist for brief support and get resources to help with on-going support after this horrible tragedy.  An ASL certified therapist will be available for one on one support.
In Solidarity, Grief and Love,
Q Center Staff and Board