09 Oct 2014
October 9, 2014

Queer Voices – A Fond Farewell

October 9, 2014

Logan Lynn

Well, friends? Today is my last day as Editor-in-Chief of QBlog, having accepted a new position as Communications Director for Trillium Family Services, Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare, which I will begin later this month.

It has been so moving to build this community space with each of you during the course of the past 4.5 years since creating the blog, and I will cherish this wild roller coaster ride forever.  Thank you for trusting me with your truth — to tell your stories as they are — and for making this dream of a virtual space where the diversity of our communities can interact come to life.

I hope you will continue to support QBlog by reading, sharing and contributing content long after I am gone.  This space is meant to be all of ours — and it is a very special, unique corner of the internet.  I am so proud to have this as part of my legacy at Q Center as I go.

Thank you for this great honor! I love you all.

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