Eric HimanWe have covered out musician Eric Himan on QBlog before, but this sensitive dreamboat singer/songwriter is on tour again and coming back to Portland on Sunday, August 24th for an intimate show down the street from QBlog HQ at Mississippi Pizza’s pub!

(Click HERE for tickets and tour info.)

I caught up with Eric this week for Queer Voices in advance of the show. Watch his new video “Everything To You”, then read our chat below.


Logan Lynn: Thanks for chatting with me today, Eric.

Eric Himan: Happy to be a part and thanks for speaking with me about the upcoming show.

Lynn: You’ve been a busy boy this summer already with no signs of slowing down, as far as I can tell. What can folks expect from your show this coming Sunday in Portland?

Himan: People can expect my original songs, a few unexpected covers, with a bit of stand-up comedy thrown in!

Lynn: Tell me about your new record.

Eric Himan 3Himan: My album, “Gracefully”, was a blast to make and my biggest recording endeavor thus far. It features me on guitar and piano — a first — with a talented band of musicians, backup singers, and even a horn section. Recorded in my hometown of Tulsa, OK, we were able to take our time and create the best album and it turned out great.

Lynn: Any new videos in the works?

Himan: I just came out with my latest music video for “Everything To You” where I dress up like all the things you could be to someone in a relationship (doctor, etc.). Had a great time filming it in Brooklyn with director, Jim Hoppin.

Lynn: Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ bands and performers?

Himan: I love my LGBTQ brother and sister musicians. Some of my favorites are my buddies, Levi Kreis, Gregory Douglass, and Namoli Brennet, who’ve I had the pleasure of working with and love their styles.

Lynn: Along those same lines, who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Himan: I would say Sia has been a big influence lately. Her vocal range and abilities astound me. Ani DiFranco has also served as a big influence throughout the years along with many others I could list for days — Jellyfish, Janis Joplin, Patty Griffin….

Lynn: Aside from music, what are some of the things that get you out of bed and into the world every morning?

Himan: I LOVE to cook. I even started my own online cooking show, “Trial and Eric“. I cook in my kitchen and kitchens around the country with friends and those I look up to in the industry. Cooking is an art different from music but just as creative. I also love comedy. Lately, I have been experimenting with stand-up comedy going to open mics around the country and finding it to be very freeing. Laughing at life and myself has been amazingly therapeutic for me. I’d love to do that more.

Lynn: How is navigating the changing music industry for you these days?

Himan: I’m gonna be honest, it is hard. It is constantly changing and many of the trends don’t fit me. I think the only way I know to successfully keep doing music as a career is to go at my own pace and clearly define my goals. When you don’t know what you want, it is easy to get stuck, I think.

Lynn: For sure. Switching gears a bit, now that marriage equality is becoming a reality in this country, what do you think the LGBTQ community should be focusing on?

Eric Himan 2Himan: I think we have SO far to go in many places in our country, let alone the world. Marriage equality is definitely important but I think we are still in our self acceptance phase as a community. There are still young LGBT folks finding it hard to come out and feel safe in our world. I hope we focus on that just as much as our fight for marriage equality.

Lynn: I’m totally with you on that.  How important are queer and trans-specific spaces now that our communities are gaining some traction?

Himan: Our LGBTQ spaces are VERY important. There is this false sense of “we don’t need them anymore because we are integrated” but we DO need them. We need these places to find those who are still struggling. We need them to help identify what makes us strong in our community. What are our issues? If we don’t watch out for each other, who will?

Lynn: Good answer!  What do you have upcoming in the Eric Himan pipeline? Any projects you can discuss that our readers can start getting excited about?

Himan: I am in the process of writing for a new album with some amazing writers in Nashville. I’ve written alone for most of my career but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great songwriters the past few years and getting to share the experience of writing is exciting with these folks. Can’t wait to see what comes of these new tracks once the fall rolls around.

Lynn: Anything you’d like to leave us with today? Final words?

Himan: I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me, Logan! All my trips through Portland the last 8 years have been amazing. The Portland LGBT community has supported my music and I love coming back to play and spend my time with these great folks.

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