11 Dec 2013
December 11, 2013

Queer Voices – It Gets Better Russia

December 11, 2013

By Alexandra Alvelo

“Russia is too big and too beautiful to be stained by discrimination and violence”  This is just one of the many messages to Russian LGBTQ youth in the recent It Gets Better Project video, a response to Russia’s new law banning gay propaganda.

What I took away from this anti gay law is that people cannot disperse or share any kind of gay rights/ pro- gay material or items.  They also cannot align straight relationships with gay ones.  In short, Russia is saying that BY LAW one cannot be gay, let alone support anything gay.  To be very honest with you writing, let alone reading that sentence makes me very angry and a bit scared.

It is 2013, we live in a world where people are starving and dying everyday, and yet people are still obsessed and outraged by the idea that two people of the same sex could possible love one another!  I’m outraged by the fact that our mere existence truly affects people in such negative ways.  I was raised Catholic, so I know a thing or two about religion and I choose to stay away from it.  I think the difference here is that instead of staying away and ignoring the things that make them uncomfortable, Russian government is making it their business to create laws that discriminate not only against gays, but against their allies.

With that being said, and my anger aside, the It Gets Better Project has decided to raise their voice and speak to the youth who are being affected through this law.  I think it is very important to remember the people who will grow up in the society that will shun them.  It is vital to give them hope and show them that they are important, and that is exactly what this organization is doing in their latest video.  They do this by showcasing people from all over the world, communicating their support and understanding of the situation.

The It Gets Better Project certainly helped me when I was coming out and uncertain of myself, and they are doing that for Russia now.

To learn more visit, http://www.itgetsbetter.org/content/russia

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