07 May 2013
May 7, 2013

Queer Voices – It Needs Unity

May 7, 2013


by Paul Fukui.

As we continue to push for social change in order to bring about a society that is open to fully including those of us in the LGBTQ rainbow, I try to remind myself that the struggle for justice is a long one, there are many tasks to perform, and we can all contribute in our way.

Cliff Jones reminded me of this when he spoke here at Q Center last week on the panel convened by Kathleen Saadat (other panelists included David Martinez and Rupert Kinnard). Among the many stories, lessons from history, and words of wisdom shared by all the panelists, Cliff invited us all to do our part to help bring about a more just society by doing what we do best. Writers must write. Organizers must organize. Protesters must protest. Some of us have money; we need to donate it in support of the cause. Some of us have time; we need to volunteer. We must bring our talents and skills to the struggles of our time. We must do our part while bearing witness in this moment, the latest in the long arc of history we have inherited, out of which we must act.

Cliff’s invitation reminded me of the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a leader and a moral compass in the struggle against the Apartheid regime in South Africa:

Liberation is Costly.
Even after the Lord had delivered
the Israelites from Egypt, they had
to travel through the desert.

They had to bear the responsibilities
and difficulties of freedom.

There was starvation and thirst and
they kept complaining.

They complained that their diet
was monotonous.

Many of them preferred the days of
bondage and the fleshpots of Egypt.

We must remember that liberation
is costly. It needs unity.

We must hold hands and refuse to
be divided. We must be ready.

Some of us will not see the day of
our liberation physically.

But those people will have contributed
to the struggle.

Let us be united, let us be filled
with hope, let us be those who
respect one another.


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