OUTsider, an innovative new LGBT multi-arts festival coming to Austin, Texas next year, has just unveiled a fabulous, completely demented Indiegogo campaign/web series to fund the festival. The campaign will run the entire month of October, but these characters are destined to live on forever!

The campaign, which launched this week (on Tuesday, September 30th) reimagines the glitzy telethon of yesteryear as a wildly creative, month-long web series…and it’s freaking me out in all the best ways! Austin-based performance artist Paul Soileau (fresh from touring Europe this summer as punk drag terrorist nightmare Christeene) and filmmaker PJ Raval (still shepherding his award-winning documentary Before You Know It around the country) star as Reverie and Randee, a pair of oddball televangelists hellbent on raising funds for OUTsider.

10393901_297802227072046_5994103872343090682_nEpisodes of the web series will be posted beginning on September 30th, and every Wednesday and Sunday in October. The duo will be joined by a “carnivalesque cavalcade of local Austin, Texas talent, doing everything from Bollywood dancing, to beat-boxing while playing the flute, to yodeling, to offering roller-skating tips”, according to the project’s creators.

OH. MY. GOD. Whaaaaat????!!!!

Watch the Indiegogo campaign video below, then click HERE for future episodes and to get involved in the campaign.

The money raised during this Indiegogo campaign will help secure festival venues, facilitate artist attendance and pay for operations costs for the first annual OUTsider, taking place February 18-22, 2015 in Austin, TX.

For more on OUTsider, visit Indiegogo or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

For more on Reverie and Randee, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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