08 Oct 2014
October 8, 2014

Queer Voices – Self-Hatred Is Not Therapy

October 8, 2014

Reparative therapy by Daniel Tobias CC ASA 20

GoLocalPDX is currently running a piece I’ve written titled “Why Oregon Needs to End Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality”. Over the last few months I’ve been contributing to Queer Voices on a variety of topics related to the ongoing Sexual Health Series presented by a group of local organizations that happens on the last Wednesday of every month at Q Center.

I’m currently working on a piece to highlight this month’s presenter, Ethical Slut co-author Janet Hardy, and the workshop and practicum she will be offering on the healing elements of writing in the exploration of meaning in sexuality.

For the series in November, I’ve been considering how we can focus on the sharing of such stories, with an emphasis on LGBTQ experiences of navigating family of origin and family of choice; it just so happens that the last Wednesday of November is the day before Thanksgiving.

I share all of this today because I feel quite passionately that Oregonian’s need to read, share, and discuss, “Why Oregon Needs to End Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality”. I invite those with their own stories of reparative/conversion therapy to attend the events later this month and write those stories, with the hope that such writers might be courageous and share them in November.


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