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by Lexie Cannes.

Trans woman Yishay Garbasz, whose photographs has exhibited around the world, is coming to Boston in April for a month-long residency at Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center. Her hope that her time there ‘will culminate in a multimedia exhibition of photographs, video and text celebrating Jewish women who identify as transgender.’

An Israeli now based in Berlin, Garbasz has previously exhibited the transformation of her body from male to female via series of weekly photographs which is also available in a “flip book.” She’s also won a prize for another books of photos tracing her Jewish mother’s path to freedom during World War 2.

Garbasz is seeking transgender participants for her current project. If you are going to be in Boston or NYC during April and want to be part of the project, check this out:

“Coming Home: Portraits of Jewish Women” is a multimedia art project about Jewishness, transgender, and love. The project will present gender also beyond the standard male/female binary and will look at the intersection between Jewishness and gender in women. I am looking for participants for the project in Boston and NYC.

“As an artist and a woman with a transgender history, I am looking for role models and other trans women to learn from. I am taking pictures of Jewish women who are also transgender and gender non-conforming. Two of my concerns with the project are inclusivity and visibility. In order not to “other” my subjects, I would like to include family members and/or partner(s) in the photographs. In this way, I will depict the web of connections each person has rather than isolating individuals, thereby giving visibility without creating spectacle.
A patron views a series of self-portraits of Yishay Garbasz
I am looking for participants for the project who are willing to be photographed and have their photographs exhibited in an art gallery. Please contact me if you are interested, and please pass this along to other women that might be interested.

I will be taking pictures during the first 2-3 weeks of April in/around Boston but can also travel to New York City for a few days to take pictures. I have exhibited my work around the world, and you can learn more about my artwork atwww.yishay.com

Email: hbiproject(at)yishay(dot)com

More about Garbasz:  Coming Home: Portraits of Jewish Women by Yishay Garbasz | Brandeis University.


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