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Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one – Bruce Lee What is a Lenticel?  Who the fuck cares? It is raining now as I write this.  I live in an attic, so the drops are more pronounced here.  I love the natural symphonic sounds of nature. .. read more →

I hope readers will consider joining us Wednesday for this free 1 CE workshop, part of an ongoing “Sexual Health Series” sponsored by Hazelden in Springbook, a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Sex-Positive World.While work that involves human sexuality can be challenging to navigate, being part of a supportive community of professionals removes.. read more →

  Reid Vanderburgh is a retired therapist, living in Portland, Oregon. During his career as a therapist, he worked with over 450 clients, helping them answer the question, “How do I want to live my life?”, in the context of gender identity. He now works as a writer, educator, and consultant on issues pertaining to.. read more →

Well, friends? Today is my last day as Editor-in-Chief of QBlog, having accepted a new position as Communications Director for Trillium Family Services, Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare, which I will begin later this month. It has been so moving to build this community space with each of you during the course.. read more →

Yesterday actor/musician Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls, Bully, HBO’s Looking) and writer/director/actor Adrian Anchondo (of Beyonce spoof fame) released their genius new parody video, Please Go Home — a hysterical spin on Sam Smith‘s hit single from earlier this year, Stay With Me. The video has been making the rounds in all corners of the internet since then,.. read more →

GoLocalPDX is currently running a piece I’ve written titled “Why Oregon Needs to End Reparative Therapy for Homosexuality”. Over the last few months I’ve been contributing to Queer Voices on a variety of topics related to the ongoing Sexual Health Series presented by a group of local organizations that happens on the last Wednesday of.. read more →

OUTsider, an innovative new LGBT multi-arts festival coming to Austin, Texas next year, has just unveiled a fabulous, completely demented Indiegogo campaign/web series to fund the festival. The campaign will run the entire month of October, but these characters are destined to live on forever! The campaign, which launched this week (on Tuesday, September 30th).. read more →

If you’re lucky, you really can’t definitively pinpoint the “worst day of your life.” Apparently, I’m not all that lucky, because I can. It was Friday, July 13, 2012 – the day my husband of 3 years was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer. It was terminal. There is no Stage 5. For a lot.. read more →