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Here in Oregon we’re days away from a marriage equality ruling and we’re waiting with bated breath… but should we be? In January a federal Judge in Eugene consolidated two lawsuits that are challenging Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage. With the consolidation of these cases, U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane will be issuing a.. read more →

On Sunday May 4th, *eRa* at Q Center will be hosting one of Portland’s popular Death Café’s. These café style events are opportunities, as the organizers have succinctly stated, “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their precious and finite lives.” Adapted from the Swiss Café Mortels,.. read more →

Tret Fure (pronounced fury) has been a star in the constellation of American female singer/songwriters since the 1970’s. She’s seen the musical manifestation of the women’s movement from the days of Fanny, one of the first all-female rock bands, through to the days of Olivia Records – a collective created to produce and distribute women’s.. read more →

We here at QBlog are constantly combing through emails, websites, and press releases, and today we uncovered a project confidently named “Dear Asshole.” Much like The Portland Mercury’s “I, Anonymous”, “Dear Asshole” solely focuses on stress relief by expression of feelings, more specifically, frustrated feelings. The fact of the matter is that sometimes people just.. read more →

(The original article can be found here at www.affectmagazine.com) Google, The world’s leading search engine, is well known for being a gay friendly corporation. In a sign of solidarity during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Google boasted a rainbow colored doodle as its logo during the Olympics to raise awareness of human rights atrocities.. read more →

(originally posted to bisexualsaregreat) The B stands for Biggest. Slightly more than half of the LGBT population falls under the the B. But that’s so hard to believe! It seems like I know way more people who identify as gay or lesbian.  The B stands for Belittled. The B is systematically erased, ignored, and invalidated. Which fuels rampant biphobia. It’s no wonder.. read more →

Q Center’s *eRa* – encouraging Respect for aging – program is about to kick off a new round of Chair Yoga on March 27th so now is the perfect time to get involved!  This week I caught up with our Chair Yoga instructor Tim Mulcahey. Read our chat below! Susan Kocen: can you say a little.. read more →

The Gay Mens Project is the largest collection of stories of gay men around the world. “Let’s document this moment in history as told by us, in our own words.  Let’s offer a piece of ourselves to others who may not be as free to do so.” The idea behind the Gay Men Project is.. read more →