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For some people, the thought of challenging systematic LGBTQ oppression is overwhelming and the task seems impregnable. There are so many issues that need addressing, reforms that need to take place and people to be helped, it can seem like jumping down a philosophical and activist rabbit hole. It begs the question of how much.. read more →

Please join us on Wednesday, August 27th, from 11:45am-1:00pm for the Sexual Health Series at Q Center Noah “Hibiscus” Eaton, co-organizer & diversity ambassador for Sex-Positive World and a genderqueer model, will present a talk on Neurodiversity and Sex. RSVP at http://hazelden.org/lgbtq   It’s an old joke among sex educators: “I’m sexually sophisticated; he’s promiscuous;.. read more →

We have covered out musician Eric Himan on QBlog before, but this sensitive dreamboat singer/songwriter is on tour again and coming back to Portland on Sunday, August 24th for an intimate show down the street from QBlog HQ at Mississippi Pizza’s pub! (Click HERE for tickets and tour info.) I caught up with Eric this.. read more →

This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing Cascade AIDS Project‘s new Executive Director, Tyler Termeer, who is just now in his second full week in Portland. Many of you may have already met Tyler during Pride week, but if you haven’t, I encourage you to attend CAP’s official welcome reception for him on Thursday,.. read more →

 Alabaster walls, settees that mimic clouds, lighting so dim that you can’t see anything at all. Ear drums mutilated by music. Air filled with the musk of liquor-infused sweat. Eyes burning from dripping salt, people bumping into every hump. Yet your slouchy speech swears to the highest point that you’re having fun. It’s an absolute.. read more →

  I had the good fortune of meeting David Robinson a few weeks ago when I received an invitation to meet with two visiting Ugandan activists, who were in Portland for the screening of “Call Me Kuchu” – a documentary about LGBTQ life in Uganda in the build up of the eventual, and since repeal,.. read more →

Sometimes a man’s gotta do something that’s out of the ordinary. Sometimes he has to push himself. Sometimes a man’s gotta walk into a shoe store and buy a pair of heels. My love affair with high heels began in early childhood. Read my HuffPost Gay Voices piece, “Discovering and Outgrowing My Mother’s Shoes” and.. read more →

I stare at my laptop, eye my cell phone, peek at my kindle, and wonder which one of them I should use to surf the net with. Flabbergasted, I shake my head, close my eyes, and randomly pick a device. Is this really the state of newness in the world? Creating new devices that allow.. read more →