Queer Heroes NW

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Queer Heroes NW is a project of Q Center and Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN).

We honor a Queer Hero for every day in June – 30 in all – as part of our celebration of Pride. We announce a hero each day on our websites and social media pages. Just before Pride, we display all of the heroes’ posters at a reception in Q Center’s Aaron Hall Gallery, and we take a duplicate display to Portland Pride.

Af the end of Pride, the Queer Heroes display makes the rounds of other Pride celebrations and community events around the state.

Our community nominates the heroes – living or dead, representing every color of our rainbow, from every corner of our region. A committee from Q Center and GLAPN will select the 30 finalists.


Queer Heroes NW: 2014
Queer Heroes NW: 2013
Queer Heroes NW: 2012
Queer Heroes NW Videos by Q Center Media Team
Queer Heroes NW at the Oregon Department of Justice