Do you have questions? We’ll try to have answers. We’ve heard you have questions about Q Center’s physical site, our building on N. Mississippi Ave.

Q: Is the building for sale?
A: Q Center is in a hard place financially and the interim board is considering all options to help sustain Q Center for the long haul. One option is to sell the building. Since early March we have received a number of inquiries from interested buyers, although we have not listed the building for sale.

Q: Why would you consider selling the building?
A: Building ownership and managing our tenants who rent space is both expensive and time consuming for staff. While the building is Q Center’s greatest financial asset, selling it would enable us to settle all of the Center’s current debts and use any remaining proceeds from the sale to focus solely on our programming, staff and services that are essential to Q Center’s evolving mission.

Q: Where would Q Center’s programming and services go if you sold the building?
A: An ideal option would be to sell the building to a buyer that would then allow Q Center to lease space back from the building’s new owner allowing Q Center to remain in the building on Mississippi Avenue. Ideally, we’d negotiate a lease that would allow Q Center to remain in its current home for at least two years. This would give us enough time to fully stabilize and find a new home for Q Center.

Q: What else are you doing to sustain Q Center? Is selling the building the only option?
A: Our fundraising committee is working hard on every front! The committee submitted a grant to the Meyer Memorial Trust earlier this month. Other requests to foundations and local businesses are in the works. The committee is also planning several upcoming events, which we will announce very soon. We are also rebuilding Q Center’s donor outreach and retention program, which is one of the cornerstones of sustaining Q Center.

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