LBGT_Rights_Shirt_(resized)_360_360_90Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Q Center, and Sex-Positive World present the Sexual Health Series. Co-sponsored by Basic Rights Oregon

I’ve had the pleasure of attending some of Charlie Glickman’s workshops in the past, as well as just regularly encountering his presence and work in the field sexuality. Whether he is lecturing on Gender is a Verb, writing on Sex and Amends, or teaching techniques from his book on prostate pleasure, Charlie is a fantastic educator (and a revolutionary sex-positive human being). Organizing educational events for our community and its professionals is an extension of my work serving LGBTQ people receiving drug and alcohol addiction services at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – and I think Charlie is a perfect example of the type of educator that the clients I work with so often desperately need to be able to access.
"Charlie Glickman"

Charlie Glickman PhD is a sex & relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. He’s certified as a sexological bodyworker and has been working in this field for over 20 years. His areas of focus include sex & shame, sex-positivity, queer issues, masculinity & gender, communities of erotic affiliation, and many sexual & relationship practices. Charlie is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners. Find out more about him on his website or on Twitter and Facebook. For Charlie’s sex coaching services, visit Make Sex Easy.

Shame influences and shapes sexuality for almost everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or individual desires. If we want to overcome and move past sexual shame, we need to understand how it works and how it affects us. Glickman has been studying and exploring sexual shame for over a decade. He’ll unpack the mechanisms of shame, discuss how it shapes sexuality, and explain how we can build shame resilience. When we have the tools to deal with this difficult but inevitable emotion, it becomes much easier to resolve jealousy, loss, and fear so we can create more space to give and receive love, explore our authentic selves, and build the relationships that suit us. Come learn new ways to keep shame from getting in the way and create the relationships that work for you.

charlie bookThis Wednesday, he will be presenting as a part of our ongoing Sexual Health Series, speaking on the topic of Sex, Shame, and Love. As always, professionals can receive CE credits for AASECT certification or maintenance of counseling/mental health licensure. The event is free, $10 if you want lunch (vegan/gf always accommodated!), and $25 if you want lunch and CE credit.

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You might also want to RSVP for next month’s free event with co-author of “The Ethical Slut”, Janet Hardy, while you’re at it!

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