A Morning with the Drug Czar and an Exciting Finale for the Sexual Health Series A Grateful Advocate A few weeks ago, I posed for a photo as I was leaving the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, on my way to meet with leaders at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service.. read more →

Q Center is proud to be a partner in this effort to better inform and empower the LGBTQ community of our rights when it comes to seeking healthcare and managing the decision making process. LGBT HealthLink, Missouri’s PROMO, and lawyer Corey Prachniak, today released the first ever LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights (HBOR). The bill, in.. read more →

  Reid Vanderburgh is a retired therapist, living in Portland, Oregon. During his career as a therapist, he worked with over 450 clients, helping them answer the question, “How do I want to live my life?”, in the context of gender identity. He now works as a writer, educator, and consultant on issues pertaining to.. read more →

“I was born into the life of wind millery, always waiting on the wind, but I’m no good at waiting.” This would be my go-to phrase whenever someone asked me what I did. Sure it was a lie, but it was funny, wasn’t it? Humor is my deflection from the craziness called my life. I.. read more →