Why i.Q.

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Why i.Q. is a celebration of community–of all the individuals who have found Q Center, and all the ways that community comes together at Q.

With this project we want to help our community see itself, and to show all of the ways that Q Center brings us together and helps us thrive. We invite you to learn more about Q Center, the people here, and the work we do together–one story at a time. We’re collecting stories from people like you: Newcomers who sought Q Center as a landing place on their first day in a new city. Anyone who attended an event like a book release party, gay bingo, or a community vigil and decided to keep coming back. All the folks looking for a volunteer opportunity, or a space to offer a service, host an art opening, or organize an action. The hundreds of people who have called in seeking referrals for housing, mental health support, or healthcare. Everyone who has found peer support in a moment of crisis, or community in a time of loneliness.

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Be Part of the Why i.Q. Story!

Many community members telling their stories here found Q Center because they needed it. Most have also found ways to give back: to keep the circle of community going. If you’re moved by these stories, we invite you to join us.

1) Donate. Two years ago, Q Center came close to closing. We’ve heard from community members that this place is vital, and generous support from donors and foundations has helped us keep the doors open and services strong. We also need your support! Like most nonprofits, Q Center depends on monthly donations from community members like yourself. Please consider joining our Q Team, as a monthly donor, or by making a onetime donation of an amount that is meaningful and accessible to you.

2) Volunteer. Q Center volunteers bring their passion and love for Portland’s LGBTQIA+ community to Q Center’s front desk and Information & Referral service. Volunteers greet hundreds of community members each month; maintain our auditorium, art gallery, and library; and support a wide range of LGBTQIA+ community events. We also welcome volunteers with administrative skills and nonprofit management experience. Learn more about volunteering at Q Center!

3) Share Your Story. Each person who is invested in Q Center has a story. How did you first come across Q? How has Q Center impacted you, or others? Why are you involved with Q Center? Sharing our stories with others show the necessity and importance of Q Center in our communities. Share your “Why i.Q.” story with us today.

Please share your story with us, and we will share it with the community. We greatly appreciate your insight. If you have printed the form, please mail the envelope, or deliver it to Q Center at the following address:

4115 N Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97217

We are open from:
11:00AM-9:00PM, Monday-Friday
10:00AM-6:00PM on Saturday
and 10:00AM-9:00PM on Sunday

For questions, please call (503) 234-7837 If you would like to fill out a physical form, please email stories@pdxqcenter.org for more information

Ideas for your story:

When was the first time you visited Q Center and what happened?

When was the last time and what happened?

What would you do (or what would you have done) if there was no Q Center?

Why does Q Center matter to you today?

How as Q Center personally impacted you?

How have you seen Q Center impact your community, business, or organization?

How do you contribute to Q Center as a community center?

Why is it important to you to support Q Center and its programs?

Do you have a vision or hope for the future of Q Center? How would you like to see it be or changed in the next five years?

Is there anything else you want people to nk0ow about Q Center in your life?


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