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Community Leadership Project

The Community Leadership Project (CLP) is a program that aims to recruit and empower local LGBTQ2SIA+ emerging leaders to create a lasting, positive, and collective impact in their communities, with the emphasis of uplifting Black, Brown, and Indigenous, and transgender leadership. The Community Leadership Project model uplifts and centers Popular Education as a tool for societal change. Our leadership model is revolutionary, with the belief that we don’t need to find or create leaders. Our leaders are already here, we just have to foster an affirming environment that lets them lead.


Portland United Against Hate


Portland United Against Hate is a community-initiated partnership of Community Based Organizations, Neighborhood Associations, concerned communities and the City, working with the Office of Community & Civic Life to build a rapid response system that combines reporting and tracking of hateful acts and providing the support and protection our communities need in this uncertain era. For the past two years, Q Center has worked with Portland United Against Hate to build a rapid response system that tracks and reports on local hate and bias crimes and provide the support and protection that our communities need.