Meet Our Resilience Campaign Co-chairs

 Edna Vazquez

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Edna Vazquez (she/her) is fearless singer, songwriter and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent transcend the boundaries of language to engage and uplift her audience. She is a creative crisol with a vocal range that allows her to paint seamlessly with her original material, an intersection of folk, rock, pop and R&B. Edna’s passion for music and performance grew from her bicultural raices and, with songs deeply rooted in universal human emotion, she has traveled far and wide spreading her message of light, love and cultural healing.


Matthew Koren

Matthew Koren (he/him) is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and consultant out to build globally distributed, culturally diverse teams that achieve high-performing results. He is the principal of several business projects leveraging his background in Eastern philosophy and Hermetics to bring body awareness, mental clarity, and Spiritual knowledge into the modern corporate environment and evolve capitalism. He loves playing games, singing, philosophizing, and annoying his husband for attention.

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Margarent ann jones

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Margaret-Ann Jones (she/her) has spent her entire life as a community activist or helper in some form or fashion.  She is the daughter of a Pentecostal Minister, and as a child, she did what she could to help in her father’s congregation. Margaret-Ann came to Portland in 1992 to attend MSW Administration Program at PSU. She has spent many years working with children & families and helping to build bridges to empower people across boundaries of color, age, and their status as sexual minorities. Her connections span organizations such as Sankofa Collective NW, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders), Q Center’s Aging With Pride program, GLAPN (Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest) and LOCA (Lesbians of a Certain Age) and Women of all Colors.