The other day I was asked “What made you become an activist? How did you know you wanted to do this work?” This question made me think about what led me work at Q Center. It was difficult to look back at my queer history and relive the moments when I felt I needed to.. read more →

Q Center congratulates our own Neola Young for being recognized as one of Basic Rights Oregon’s 2014 Fighting Spirit Honorees for their work in making Oregon a national leader in providing comprehensive transgender Medicaid coverage.  Neola, working in partnership with their fellow Honorees, was instrumental in bringing about policy changes ensuring those covered by the.. read more →

I am grateful. My family is a mountain of support and love. I have an intelligent, independent, caring, and strong-minded mother. My father is soft-hearted, calm, and very thoughtful. They raised three children that are the most interesting combinations of all those characteristics. I am sensitive, creative, a bit rambunctious, the bleeding heart, witty, and.. read more →