Role models are seemingly impossible to find when you are a 15 year old boy in Tennessee with a desire for art, English and fashion vs. cows, horses and farming. To say that I stood out would be an understatement. I am sure most of us in our community have often felt that way. The.. read more →

Sometimes a man’s gotta do something that’s out of the ordinary. Sometimes he has to push himself. Sometimes a man’s gotta walk into a shoe store and buy a pair of heels. My love affair with high heels began in early childhood. Read my HuffPost Gay Voices piece, “Discovering and Outgrowing My Mother’s Shoes” and.. read more →

If you’re like most of us, then you’re probably always a bit surprised when the “back to school” supplies show up in stores in late July.  In reality, though, lots of young people will be headed back to school very soon.  Were you one of the kids who looked forward to returning to school –.. read more →