Q Center’s single largest donor never liked attention. That’s why this Oregon native who assembled one of the finest contemporary art collections in the state never flaunted that fact or talked about it much. That’s why he didn’t seek credit when he generously supported his favorite charitable causes and institutions including Q Center. People may.. read more →

Have you heard that the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is embarking on a landmark survey that will capture trans lives- including health, employment, discrimination, faith, suicidality, family, education and more? This survey will launch during the summer of 2015. The US Trans Survey is the second iteration of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.. read more →

Do you have questions? We’ll try to have answers. We’ve heard you have questions about Q Center’s physical site, our building on N. Mississippi Ave. Q: Is the building for sale? A: Q Center is in a hard place financially and the interim board is considering all options to help sustain Q Center for the.. read more →