Healthcare. Community. Two words with really big meaning. We all have to deal with healthcare, whether it’s preventative care, long-term illnesses, the occasional cold or allergy flare up, mental health needs, and the list goes on. For many people in our communities, the healthcare needed for these things has been out of reach because care is.. read more →

Being misgendered can create an uncomfortable, embarrassing and even unsafe situation for many trans* individuals. There’s no doubt that when working toward creating or contributing to safer, more accessible spaces and services for all people, a person must be committed to affirming others’ gender identities and pronouns. However, despite the best of intentions, missteps may occur… read more →

“I was born into the life of wind millery, always waiting on the wind, but I’m no good at waiting.” This would be my go-to phrase whenever someone asked me what I did. Sure it was a lie, but it was funny, wasn’t it? Humor is my deflection from the craziness called my life. I.. read more →