Q Center’s Resilience Campaign

Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave

Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave


After 10 years of service on N Mississippi Ave, Q Center needs the community’s help to give our building new life. Q Center receives over 20,000 visits a year as Portland’s LGBTQ2SIA+ community center, and our lack of resources for maintenance has intensified safety and operational concerns within our 6,500 square foot facility.

We strongly believe the people who depend on Q Center deserve access to a space that is safe, welcoming, and vibrant. It’s urgent that we make this space possible.

After a walkthrough with local contractors, our organizational leadership identified $100,000 in critical improvements needed to ensure Q Center remains a safe space for community. Thanks to the support of anonymous donors and a recent grant from Prosper Portland, we are 75% of the way towards achieving our budget.

In order to bridge over our funding gap, Q Center is launching a Resilience Campaign to raise $25,000 by July 1st and create a more resilient Q Center.


Starting June 3rd, a generous Q Center supporter is kicking off our fundraising campaign by matching the first $10,000 in donations to the Resilience Campaign!

Matt Koren

Matt Koren

Edna Vazquez

Edna Vazquez

Margaret Ann Jones

Margaret Ann Jones


We'd also like to thank the leaders who have helped to make this opportunity possible by lending their names and support to Q Center. The Co-chairs for the Resilience Campaign are: Mathew Koren, Edna Vazquez and Margaret-Ann Jones.

Success of the Resilience Campaign will empower us to make major upgrades to our facility for the first time since we moved to Mississippi Avenue in 2008. Help us ensure that every LGBTQ+ Oregonian has access to a safe, welcoming, and vibrant space.



Our Mission

To provide safe spaces, community building and empowerment for the positive transformation of LGBTQ2SIA+ communities and allies in the Pacific Northwest.

As the largest LGBTQ+ community center in the Pacific Northwest, Q Center proudly serves the LGBTQ2SIA+ communities of Portland Metro and Southwest Washington. Our drop-in and event space on North Mississippi Avenue is a frequent first stop for new arrivals in Portland, and for longtime residents who are newly out or questioning their sexual or gender identity. Q Center also serves as an information hub for friends, partners, community, and family members of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and seek out ways to share resources with other nonprofits and public institutions locally and statewide.

Our Work

Q Center provides community-based support for LGBTQ2SIA+ community members seeking connection and resources. Our core programs:

LGBTQ Senior Community: Aging With Pride is Q Center’s drop-in program for LGBTQ seniors. With membership of over 200, activities include meal sharing, peer support, creative groups, community education, and social events.

Affinity Groups: Q Center’s Affinity Groups program supports more than 30 peer-led groups meeting weekly and monthly in our community space. Activities include peer-based support for coming out, recovery, resource sharing, social connection, & organizing for social change.

Information & Referral: Our reception desk is staffed seven days a week by kind and knowledgeable volunteers who assist community members seeking LGBTQ2SIA+ community resources locally and statewide. We offer email, phone, and drop-in referrals.

Fiscal Sponsorships: Q Center is a fiscal sponsor and community incubator for smaller nonprofits whose aims complement our mission, vision, and values.