Meet Our Staff

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cameron whitten, executive director

cameron (all pronouns) is a proud queer and black activist who has lived in Portland since 2009. Ze first arrived in Portland as a homeless youth and later became a prominent community advocate, storyteller, and civic entrepreneur. Ze has almost a decade of leadership with nonprofit, civic, and political causes, such as Occupy Portland, Know Your City, and Portland’s Resistance. cameron is founder and principal of multimedia and leadership development business Streams of Resistance LLC, through which he works as a motivational speaker and equity trainer. In 2018, cameron founded and became lead advocate for racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope, which is known for the Reparations Power Hour and Blackstreet Bakery. Whitten currently serves on the board of directors for Reach Community Development and Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc.


Natalia kay o’brien, development manager

East coast born and raised, Natalia (she/her/hers) moved to Portland in 1999, lured by riot grrrls, queercore music, and great coffee. In 2003 she founded Siren Nation, a presenting arts organization with a mission of celebrating and promoting women artists. Natalia has worked in the trades, the music industry, as a nanny, but mostly in the nonprofit sector, where she puts her passion for community building and social justice to good use. She earned a Master of Public Administration from Portland State University, and has served in many roles for nonprofits as a volunteer and professionally. Natalia has been honored to serve Q Center as an advisor and volunteer since early 2015, lending her expertise to writing grants and communications, managing the center’s social media presence, and fundraising efforts. Natalia and partner Finn, senior dog Charlie, and cats Enso and Panda live and garden in Roseway.


Page SMith, Program coordinator

Page (they/them) is a queer activist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Page has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University (CSU). Page has worked as a Peer Health Educator at the CSU East Bay Health and Counseling Services department, teaching queer-inclusive sexual education and transgender-inclusive sensitivity training for staff, and worked as a disability and retirement counselor with the Social Security Administration in California and served on the LGBT Advisory Council. They live in Portland with their partner, Beck and their dog, Rika.


Unique L. Torres, Events & Engagement Coordinator

Unique (she/her) is a queer-identified, Latinx from California with great interest in storytelling and social media a platform for social movements. Unique received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Chico and has worked in various queer and racial justice organizations including The Sacramento LGBT Center, Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies and The Chico Peace and Justice Center.


Bion Hawkmorr, Volunteer Coordinator

Bion (they/them, xe/xem) is a recent graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Bion is an Asian American adoptee from China, who during high school and college participated in racial justice organizing through the annual Asian American Youth Leadership Conference and Multiracial Aikido. Bion has nearly five years of experience in creating and maintaining two online LGBTQ+ community-centered projects, Out of This Binary, and Nonbinary Resource. 


Nicky Nicholson-Klingerman, Operations Coordinator

Nicky (she/her) studied journalism at Northwestern University. She is an experienced freelance writer with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry, most recently as an assistant project manager. She is also skilled in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), operation systems management, media and communication relations. When she is not making waves in the construction industry, she’s either performing or turning princesses into princes with her words.


Janet Martinez, Senior Community Program Coordinator

Janet (she/her) has an extensive background in social services, such as AIDS Project Los Angeles. With a master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (Gerontology) from Marylhurst University, Janet has spent years in scholarly research investigating the diversity of the longevity market including LGBTQ+ senior populations. She also has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry producing reality programming, series, and feature-length movies in both the United States and abroad.