Transgender Community

Peer support and discussion groups meet weekly and monthly at Q Center, and we also host frequent workshops and events just for trans and gender nonconforming community members.

Call or email the front desk to learn more about any of our groups or upcoming events: | (503) 234-7837

The following groups currently meet at Q:


FTM Peer Support Group

FTM peer support group meets every Tuesday from 7-9 PM at Q Center. The group is fine with allies coming as a “plus one” at any point, so long as they understand that this is a trans space and they may be briefly asked to step out should a trans peer need. Donations for Q Center are greatly appreciated. No one turned away for lack of funds.

For more information please contact Elliot at, Peter at or Braeden at

Gender Queery

Gender Queery is a discussion group for genderqueer people, folks outside-the-gender-binary, trans folk, and allies (i.e. everyone allied with the GLBTQQ community). All who want to participate in open and respectful dialog are welcome. Meetings have discussions on an ever-changing topic followed by informal social time and always take place on the 1st Monday of the month.

For more information please contact Kim at or surf over to

*always the 1st Monday* 
Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland


Trans–Fem* is a support, social, and resource group for transwomen, intersex, genderqueer & questioning people who were assigned male at birth. We meet for fun, discussion & support around what it means to be on the trans-feminine spectrum. There are no requirements for transition status or presentation to attend this group.

Trans–Fem* meets on first and third Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

For more information contact Nina at or Danielle at

Transgender Women’s Support Group

Peer support and social group for all Transgender Women (Transgender AMAB/DMAB/Intersex folks who are MtF, Fem-drogenous, Trans-fem, Two-Spirit, Non-binary fem, Gender-queer fem, Gender-fluid fem, Asexual fem, Aromantic fem, & etc.; however living/presenting somewhere along the feminine spectrum some or all of the time; whether medically/socially transitioning or not). This group meets every Friday from 7-9pm.

Tranz Guys PDX

Tranz Guys is a peer-led social support and discussion group that meets on the third Sunday of every month from 6 to 8 p.m. at Q Center. Tranz Guys meetings are exclusively for people assigned female at birth who now identify otherwise, including people who are transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, FTM, two spirit, Ag/Aggressive, affirmed male, androgynous, agender, intersex and questioning.

Tranz Guys facilitators respect and affirm the diversity of our community in terms of age, race, class, religion, ability, immigration status, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and where people are at with their transition. Some group members are currently questioning their gender identity and not everyone in the group chooses or is able to use hormones and surgery as part of their transition.

Q Center and its bathroom facilities are accessible by mobility device and our group meeting space has armless chairs. ASL interpretation is available in meetings upon request. Please let us know if there’s something else you need to make the space or meetings more accessible:


A typical Tranz Guys group is 15 to 25 people. Meetings are structured and led by volunteer peer facilitators and will usually include group check-ins, a Q&A period, and a discussion topic. Some ongoing topics include:

  • Hormones and surgeries

  • Gender identity and expression

  • Intersecting identities

  • Sexism and male privilege

  • Relationships and sexuality

  • Caring for ourselves and others

We hold a social time after every meeting. The group also organizes occasional events such as workshops, panels and group outings.

Northwest Gender Alliance

The NWGA was formed in the spring of 1980, by a small group of transgendered people who longed for a safe environment to learn about themselves. Even in the open-minded community of Portland, Oregon, transgender people lived with a significant degree of caution and concern, due to the lack of public understanding towards the community.

Today, thanks in part to NWGA and many of its members, the public has had an opportunity to learn what the transgender umbrella is and is not. There is still confusion and non-acceptance on the part of many, so NWGA endeavors to educate people. Monthly open meetings provide opportunities for members and prospective members to meet and socialize with other transgendered individuals in a protective and supportive environment. A portion of each meeting is set aside for a demonstration, discussion or workshop on a topic such as clothing, cosmetics, feminine deportment or legal issues related to gender expression.

For more information, contact: 503 533-8787 or visit

*Meets Monthly on the 2nd Saturday, 2:00 pm