Board of Directors

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Shane Devins, Board Chair

Shane Devins (He/Him/His) has several years of nonprofit board experience, including as Chair of the Associate Board of Shelter Partnership (Los Angeles, CA), as a member of the Associate Boards of Friends of the Parks (Chicago, IL) and SGA Youth and Family Services (Chicago, IL), and as a member of the Chicago Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign. He also previously served as a Commissioner on the Human Relations Commission for the City of Long Beach, California. Shane moved to Portland in 2017 and quickly became involved in LGBTQ+ advocacy in the Portland area, including volunteering with the Q Center, Pride Foundation, and Basic Rights Oregon. During the day, Shane is an attorney for the law firm K&L Gates in its corporate and real estate practice groups.


Erin Waters (she/her) is a healthcare educator and community activist who moved to Portland with her partner in 2011. She immediately began discovering local sushi restaurants and comic book stores where she is still regularly found. She currently works for Kaiser Permanente in the Gender Pathways Clinic service trans, non-binary, and gender expansive members every day. As a member of the trans community, her goal is to call out injustice while finding better ways of improving health outcomes and breaking down barriers to accessing affirming care. She firmly believes that as we learn how to better support the most marginalized voices in our communities, we create a rising tide of change that raises all ships.


Cinthia D. Calvo, Board Member

Cinthia Diaz Calvo (She/Her/Hers) has an international business background and practical experience managing a small business and small business consulting. Cinthia has several years of experience in employee engagement and process improvement through her work with the City of Portland and has recent experience working with and supporting the Portland Utility Board. She has participated in some of Q Center’s events and groups and looks forward to becoming more involved and making a meaningful impact in the LGBTQ2SIA+ community.


Kevin bumatay, board member

Kevin (He/Him/His) and his husband, John, moved to Portland in late 2015, and thoroughly enjoy living in the Concordia/Woodlawn neighborhood of NE Portland. Together, Kevin and John enjoy travel hacking, learning about cultures through food, wine tasting, and dreaming about early retirement. Kevin also enjoys “reading” via audiobooks, conjuring up new dishes, and calisthenics training. Kevin has been a public servant for the past 17 years. He started his career serving in the U.S. Navy and subsequently worked for the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Health and Human Services. Kevin currently works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a bureau of the Department of Interior. Kevin has a Bachelor degree in Decision Information Sciences and an MBA from the University of Florida and the University of Maryland, respectively.